Kingfisher post

Kingfisher post
reconnection to self

Thursday, 16 August 2012

its been a while........

Its been a long time since ive even looked at my blog………..and as for all of us……life changes.
My boys and I have almost been back a year to our homeland from traveling this beautiful land.
We are living in the bush, where I grew up…..
Pioneering again, working on simplifying life.
School, business, friends, hobbies and all the daily living practices take up time and its hard to find the inspiration to be open in creativity.
But then something happens and you have to feel your fears, look deep inside at your patterns in life that aren’t serving your spirit any longer , and let them go……
Then you can open up to the greater joys in life that come with self love and acceptance…..and then creation blossoms.

So I’ve been painting, drawing, weaving and playing with feathers of freedom and flight.

A loving friend has in her kindness lead me back to my blog and to this sharing my art with the world.

This morning i went for a bike ride to a place I love to sit and breathe. I saw a magical creation…..i heard the flutter of wings, opened my eyes and a beautiful azure kingfisher was resting in a paperbark tree in the water. so colourful and radiant.
By the time I got home id also seen and heard ducks, a crow, a kookaburra, a red-browed finch, an eastern yellow finch, magpies , a currawong and honeyeaters.
My heart is in joy….i love birds

And now just before I sat down to write this a wedge tail eagle came to me…..circled  twice and left …….

now ive written this…and it goes with my first painting “realization of self love”

a wedge tail eagle just blessed me with its wonderful presence as it circled my spirit and we shared in our love.
as the wind blows an early spring hush I sit to the earth and the sun cleanses my being.
sounds of the ancient ones call……the birds echoing in their presence.


an array of wonder
a mix of emotions
joy, fear, love, connection……….

awaken to the glory
bathe in thy joy
breathe openly through fear
feel the love and share its grace
connection to whole… me… you
the earth and all her children

                       REALIZATION OF SELF LOVE
                             August 2012


Indigo Warriors said...

Hello my beautiful Becci,

What a beautiful surprise it was to receive your email today and to share in your wonder. Nature is truly where connection lies and all those beautiful birds have a deep and meaningful message for you. Absolutely love your painting but your words and sharing were even more of a gift, bless you Becci, you open peoples hearts and thats the highest service there is. I look forward to sharing more with you in the future and send love to you and your beautiful boys XXX

Aunty Mary XXX

Becci Zillig said...

Hello beautiful Aunty Mary, your msg has touched my heart. Thank you for your always loving, inspiring, warm energy xxxx